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What you need – Saxophone Essentials

If you don’t already have a saxophone, I recommend an Alto Sax. It’s big enough for adults, not too big for children and is the least expensive option. Swindon Music Service can loan you one if you tell them I am your teacher and if loaning one to you doesn’t take away from a child. You can call them on 01793 487802. Ask for Steph.

If you’re looking to buy an Alto, the Yamaha YAS-275 Alto Saxophone is one of the best choices you can make when choosing a student model. Yamaha also make intermediate and pro model Saxophones that are very popular.

Reeds: The sound from a Sax is created by the reed vibrating against the mouthpiece. Reeds have various “strengths”, a strength of 1.5 is usually best for beginners. ┬áRico are a popular brand:Rico 1.5 Strength Reeds for Alto Sax (Pack of 3)

Tutor book: I’ve looked at and used several. I recommend Abracadabra Saxophone. Get the one with the 2 CDs. It’s not much more expensive and you’ll have backing tracks for each of the exercises: Rutland: Abracadabra Saxophone (Pupil’s book + 2 CDs) 3rd Edition

Other items: I use a padsaver. It helps absorb moisture from the pads after playing. After testing several, I use a Hercules EZ-Safe Alto / Tenor Saxophone Stand – DS530BB.